MASKED (Rewritten)

MASKED (Rewritten)

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Spade_King By Spade_King Updated Sep 17


The word that I'd hate the most a very LONG LONG time ago; As time passed by, it became like a drug that makes me so HIGH together with BLOOD AND DEATH.

A not so ordinary story of Underworld.

P.S. I do not own this cover just saw it online. CREDIT TO THE OWNER.

xXxWangRaclxXx xXxWangRaclxXx 5 days ago
Ohh this make sense now 😬😬 i was so confused before 😆😆
EXOweR1 EXOweR1 Mar 20, 2016
OMG! Ba't niyo po iniba? HUHUHU *le cries I missed the old one
leiaeee leiaeee May 18, 2016
kalito, pero ang ccool, umpisa palang palaisipan na shet. si rogue ba babae ? katulad ng bida dati?
Femmefatale_Oj Femmefatale_Oj Nov 30, 2016
Nabasa ko na to dati..dinudugo ilong ko..tapos ngayon, rewritten na..mukhang madedehydrate ako. Hahahhah