Dauntless Role Play

Dauntless Role Play

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padfootismyname By padfootismyname Updated Oct 18, 2016

Hello. This is an all Dauntless role play, because most people want to be Dauntless. The role play will always be open so if you want to join feel free. 

Remember however,

"We believe in ordinary acts of bravery in the courage that drivers one person to stand up for another"

thatonewarriorsfan thatonewarriorsfan Oct 16, 2016
Name- Brooke Lashes
                              Nickname- Brooke
                              Age- 16
                              Transfer from Amity 
                              Looks- has long brown hair with pale skin and blue eyes. Tall.
                              Personality- kind, brave, courageous 
                              Likes- adventures 
                              Dislikes- force 
                              Height- 6' 5"
                              Fear- force, darkness, kidnapping, fire
vicslittletaco vicslittletaco Oct 16, 2016
Kyra Eaton
                              Transferred from abnegation
                              Brave,strong-willed,determined,and confident
                              Dauntless,getting tattoos, and signing
                              Heights,isolation,and killing
                              Divergent between amity and dauntless