A twisted cinderella tale ✔ [UNDER EDITING]

A twisted cinderella tale ✔ [UNDER EDITING]

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Nia By NiA_44 Updated 2 days ago

SANYUKTA AGARWAL a girl who never got the love from her family. She belonged to a rich family. Yes! but her family treated her like shitt. Why?
she never complained, she never spoke back, she never stood for herself in her entire life. 
She always followed her parent's orders
was she adopted?
if no. Then why was she treated like that?


RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT a guy. handsome hunk, proud of his hotness, heartless person, no mercy. spoilt brat but a guy with golden heart as well
Prince of his palace! Yes his house is no less than a palace
Heartbeat of his parents
Lifeline of his sister

How do you think their story will go?
Are they meant to be together? 
Will the girl get her prince charming? 
Will he set her free from the cage?
If yes. Then how? 

well let's find out!


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