.:The Decrepit World:.

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Darcy By likeadreamdrop Updated 4 years ago
Behind the Veil lies The Decrepit World, where demons, faeries, and werewolves lurk. 
    [A compilation of one shots involving my friends in fantasy adventures]
                                    So beautifully descriptive ... But what else would I expect from you Darc :D
                                    I do hope you continue writing this because I am very intrigued to see where it's going 
@solo_walker O_O Wow...
                                    SHINY. xDxDxD
                                    What are your favourites?
@solo_walker HAHAHAHA. One each. xD
                                    My favourite?
                                    I need a list to remind me. So far everything on my mind is phoenix and unicorn. =-=
@xxcrimsonxshellxx SHINY.
                                    This is a short story? o.O
                                    Very interesting. I love short prologues like this that introduces the setting in such a way that we're open to a new secret our world might hold. ^-^
                                    The name Deathhand sounds ominous...
The previous comment is so Wattpad doesn't tell me it's a duplicate. xDDD
                                    EXCELLENT prologue. It was so shiny.
                                    I love the separated, emphasized "We are only human." 
                                    As soon as you finish Moonhunter?
                                    I'LL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. *holds THE baseball bat*
                                    THANK YOU FOR THE DEDICATION~ *HUG*