Cross Sans x Reader | Have Faith

Cross Sans x Reader | Have Faith

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✿Lazy girl✿ By ScarletZTrash Completed

(Discontinued for now, but there's a low possibility I'll continue in the future.) 
(IN EDITING - 1/11 Chapters)
(Description UNEDITED)

(Y\N), a gifted girl with many talents, and magic unknown to anyone but herself.
She never showed her magical abilities to anyone.

Chased by the pixelated Error Sans, he somehow knew (Y\N) was special. She created a portal to an unknown dimension, a place where she thought she could be alone for the rest of her days.

At that day, she met someone, Cross.
Cross would be a bit silly at times, but he was just as quiet and secretive at the same time.
It was as if they were at rivalry.
But they both knew, that they needed to have faith in their selves.
Story cover art does not belong to me! Neither does Cross Sans!
This is my second story! And I guarantee it will be better than my Alike Souls reader. Which I deleted.. Oops..

For impatient people, I will try my best to make this a slow-burn, cause I can imagine Cross would play hard to get, and make us work for him.

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                              Me: GOTTA GO FAST, GOTTA GO FASTER, FASTER FASTER!!!!
*takes out a scythe* parents,dear parents,stay or I murder you
would you like some chocolate?
                              Cross: Chocolate?
                              Yes, with or without nuts?
                              Cross: Chocolate?! CHOCOLATE?! CHOCOLATE!!!
You:Cringy is my middle name
                              Friend:No your middle name is Alexander
                              You:CROSS KILL HER
*RUNS LIKE SANIC* THATS NO GOOD *points to error who is now crying*
Mom Dad.....go die in hell Bitches!!!!
                              Even in hell nobody wants you 2!!