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Who is he really?

Who is he really?

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PJoHoOFan By PJoHoOFan Updated Feb 20, 2015

Percy's the leader of Camp Demigod. He's the champion at sword fighting and swimming. He's the only person in the Poseidon cabin.                                                

But at school, Percy's a loser, a loner. And apparently he's anorexic, even though he loves food. He gets 'bullied', only he doesn't care, never listens to them. But what happens when these so called 'populars' find out about Camp Demigod? When they decide to go one weekend. More importantly, what do they think when they find out that Percy Jackson, the guy they think is a loser, turns out to be the leader of the camp? What's Percy's reaction?     

 AU, ALL MORTAL. Don't read if you haven't read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and/or Heroes of Olympus. Has swearing

julie0099 julie0099 Jan 03
Rick ships Percabeth.
                               Rick created them, and their entire universe. 
                              Rick is basically God in this universe. 
                              God ships them. 
                              They're meant to be.
                               Your arguments are invalid.
my mom says mom but spells it like mum it weird because were not British
I know it's a Au, but if you're going to make a Percy Jackson story, atleast make sure the story follows the actual story's facts! Unless you want this to be a movie version
Diamon3164 Diamon3164 Dec 14, 2016
I want to see why they thought he was anorexic. He doesn't look like he would die any minute from starvation. So how in the world did they come up with that.
Wtf, then how is he a son of Poseidon and does Camp Half Blood exist, then?
tuttypatuty tuttypatuty Sep 17, 2016
This is like my freaking 20ty time reading this thing and I love it so much!