The Hell Demon Queen      ( Slow-update)

The Hell Demon Queen ( Slow-update)

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kissesheigne By kissesheigne Updated Mar 05

Cassia is a redhaired lady with green cold eyes and is one of the leading mafia's gang leader in their generation.
She was experimented by a man whom she thought was her father.
The man put something inside her body to keep him as hard as a rock.
However , the experiment made a full impact to her external and internal features and expression.
Cassia find out that the man was evil and he's not the real father so she escaped and luckily met a boy whose name is Bacon .
The boy help her to get a new home.
Cassia lived in a shelter for several years until the man found her.
She immediately escaped and left the shelter so Bacon and her didn't got a chance to say goodbye to each other.
After so many years the evil man find her and want to get her again to continue the experiment.
However Cassia had no idea about the finished product of the experiment.
Meanwhile ,the boy from the past popout and they become close to each other .

Will Cassia reveal herself to Bacon?

Will Bacon accept the fact that the girl he loves is a mafia Queen?

Will Cassia escaped her fate from the evil unknown man?

Would fate bind them together even if circumstances doesn't let them ?

Let's read and support their action love story in every chapter.

  • action
  • bloody
  • coldhearted
  • exo
  • romance
EduardoPasamonte2 EduardoPasamonte2 Mar 15, 2017
its not obvious that this is the first story that you made because from the start it was so interesting and you look like an expert in making a story
Unique_DopeQueen Unique_DopeQueen Jul 13, 2017
Hahah,K Lang po minamahal kopo lahat ng Author at story sa wattpad.Mapa High class or Low