Life, Sin, & Blood

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Jacquel Chrissy C. May By Claire_Violet_Thorpe Updated a year ago
If you think you’ve seen all the girl-meets-vampire stories in the world, think again; this isn't your little sister’s vampire romance! 
    Nadia Coffey was the kind of girl who had it all: friends, popularity, looks, and a family who she cared about...until it all goes away in an instant. When a fire burns down her house and her parents are killed, Nadia, her twin brother Drew, and her sister Chelle are sent to stay with their relatives Kurt Webster and Cheri Reyna, who live in Charleston, South Carolina with their children Lacie, Bruce, & Wayne Webster. While trying to fit in at Lochland High, Nadia has an interesting encounter with a boy named Adam Norwood, who is not like the other boys she has known. Little does she know that Adam is a vampire with ties to Dracula himself; he and his siblings (Toby, Orlando, and Johanna) live in a castle at the edge of town with the Warrain Clan. This clan is headed by the famed vampire Javier Lockhart. Nadia’s realization about Adam not only leads to a thrilling adventure, but it causes nothing but trouble for her as well; and in order to defeat a powerful demon, Nadia will have to rely on Adam, even in he is dangerous and quite captivating at that.
??? WTF ? :/ I have no idea what you said or I said that was so wrong, but I have a feeling that I should now dislike you -_- @Attru67 I was simply quoting the story so basically why I'm being immature deleting something I didn't doesn't make sense . . . XP
This is sooo addicting that I was sad when I finished reading this chapter upload soon!! :D