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~Watty's 2018 Longlist~Previously featured on Wattpad Picks~

Mademoiselle Ariella du Montamorte is the most unladylike lady that ever graced the court. She is trapped in the debutante season in the hopes of finding an unwanted match, but her reckless and free spirited personality seems to draw in more people than she bargained for. She might even come to the conclusion of considering the possibility of love. 

As the Royal family pressures their son into finding a suitable bride, he is undetermined as ever to do so. If Prince Callan had his choice, he'd never be confined into the limitations of matrimony. But when he meets a certain Lady, she seems to capture his unwavering attention and never leaves his heart from that point forward. 

A supposed friend of the monarch sets his plans into motion as he enters court for the first time. He wishes to have the throne to himself and dismember everything in his wake in an unsettling form of collateral damage. He wants the royal   family gone, and would even turn to violence to get his way. 

Romance turns murderous in the first novel of the 'Forbidden Love' series, Ariella.

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Yvessaintlarrie Yvessaintlarrie Jun 01, 2018
I used to love reading so much when I was younger, I haven't read an actual book in years sadly because school and college took over my life
SecretlySaphira SecretlySaphira May 01, 2018
I won't read his book, sorry, but look at my books two of them have the character as 'Ariella' wheeze
ScarletRobison ScarletRobison Jan 29, 2018
I can hear my mother now "It's rude to bring a book to a social gathering! Give me that And go talk to people!"
poznati poznati Jun 11, 2018
Love that youre using Versailles as your inspiration. My favorite ♡♡♡
Kasey613 Kasey613 Dec 11, 2017
She sounds just like me lol. I used to read CONSTANTLY when I was younger then I didn't for probably over 10 years. But when I found Wattpad about a year ago I read every minute I'm awake lol
ojclarke ojclarke Dec 19, 2016
It sounds better if you said: 
                              "...and the way she walked; even the air she gave off when you were in her presence was a mystery to him."