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Sally Slater By SallySlater Updated Mar 18, 2017

All of London believes Evie's husband is one of the world's greatest inventors, rivaled only by the reclusive Earl of Westmorland. Nobody knows that Evie, not her husband, is the real mastermind behind his genius inventions.

When Evie's husband is brutally murdered, she is forced to seek out a new partner through whom to sell her creations. Desperation leads her to seek out the earl, a man her late husband despised and returned the sentiment. Though he neither likes nor trusts her, he can't help but feel that her husband's murder is more than it seems.  And when Evie's name is added to the suspect list, he has to intervene. 

Striking a reluctant partnership, Evie and the earl search for the man--or woman--who killed her husband, and uncover a much larger threat--one that threatens all of England.

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