*WattyAwards2012 Finalist*“Don’t ever do that again, Roxie! You scared me half to death! I thought something had happened to you,” His eyes shone with anger and sadness at the last before he growled, “You ran.” 
    Roxie lifted her arms up around his neck making the growls coming from deep in his chest stop as he looked down at her confused as she whispered, “And you chased.”
        Running from a dark secret, Roxie has spent her life protecting and caring for her twin sister, Rosie. Now that Rosie is getting married to a werewolf, Roxie is forced to interact with people who could reveal her secret such as the best man, her supposed 'mate', who keeps prying to find out why Roxie is so reserved. And Ella, her best friend from the orphanage that started it all and shares the same secret as Roxie. Secrets like theirs has to come out eventually, and on the bumpy road of two month wedding planning, everything is going to go up in the air.
This is the 1st chapter and you're making me sweat through my eyes
Engaged not married! Ur giving my heart attacks! Hhahahahaha
Well I ate an entire sleeve of saltines and I eat when I'm intrigued so 
                                    there's your answer
There's this small town in Colorado called Durango and I lived there for 2 years of my life and it was amazing. My mom worked at this beautiful hotel that I got to stay in and my dad worked at Mesa Verde. Which I think is a national park. Anyway, best years of my life. Colorado was awesome
THIRD TIME READING THIS WONDERFUL NOVEL!!! can´t wait for the rest!!! you´re very very talented!!!
I don't think so but then again I really don't know because when my big sis got married the best man and maid of honor were already married