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Mate of Honor

Mate of Honor

2M Reads 39K Votes 25 Part Story
B. Jean By DreamTillDawn Completed

*WattyAwards2012 Finalist*“Don’t ever do that again, Roxie! You scared me half to death! I thought something had happened to you,” His eyes shone with anger and sadness at the last before he growled, “You ran.” 
Roxie lifted her arms up around his neck making the growls coming from deep in his chest stop as he looked down at her confused as she whispered, “And you chased.”
    Running from a dark secret, Roxie has spent her life protecting and caring for her twin sister, Rosie. Now that Rosie is getting married to a werewolf, Roxie is forced to interact with people who could reveal her secret such as the best man, her supposed 'mate', who keeps prying to find out why Roxie is so reserved. And Ella, her best friend from the orphanage that started it all and shares the same secret as Roxie. Secrets like theirs has to come out eventually, and on the bumpy road of two month wedding planning, everything is going to go up in the air.

Tasheka2 Tasheka2 Jun 01
I am I'm loving them so far can't wait to c how it all unravels
AloPicatzo AloPicatzo May 01, 2016
Rosie sounds like an air headed Barbie who only sees herself
22sd_centurygeek 22sd_centurygeek Jun 04, 2016
I cover for my lil sister if its something major land maybe ill take a beating for her but something petty like sneaking out to party and not doing her homework. Nah bitch you on your own
artimes_22 artimes_22 Aug 02, 2016
Oh sweet baby fudge balls above please give this girl your guidance and teach her the ways on how to not give in to a boy so easily or to at least wait longer than a week to get engaged to like maybe a year would be good hell half a year but still.
Tiger_Lily_19 Tiger_Lily_19 May 27, 2016
I don't have a sister 😝 but I wouldn't do as much as this sister I don't think especially since the sister is taking advantage of her kindness, and marrying ago even though you've only known him for a week wow stûpid much
PriviHeartsPink PriviHeartsPink Aug 21, 2016
So glad I came across this story, it's very different and I love every bit.