texting justin bieber

texting justin bieber

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Cal: Uh, sorry bud but I think you have the wrong number, because there's no Sofia here. 

Unknown number: fuck. I'm sorry. What's your name?

Cal: Call me Cal (: 
Cal: And you are?

Unknown number: call me Jay.
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I take French and I just had a quick review with my numbers by going through all the chapter and reading the numbers outloud lmao
iOctober iOctober Sep 13
Miss me with that fùck boy shīt nigga fück out of here fückboy
Shamwowzerr Shamwowzerr Oct 07
feel like you kinda skipped over writing *actual* human reactions for the sake of the plot...
iOctober iOctober Sep 13
"S o f i a " if you don't get that kermit the frog looking bitch away I stg 😷😤🤚
iOctober iOctober Sep 13
twist it lock it polka dot it country five it hip hop flip move your arms to the sky move side to side JUMP TO THE LEFT STICK GLIDE zig zag cross the floor shuffle in diagonal when the drum hits hands your hips 1 Foot and 180 twist
iOctober iOctober Sep 13
I read all of your comment as like "jesus christ" instead of "jesus" from the fosters so I started dying laughing