Zorg: Rising Above the Odds

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ZADArocksmyworld By ZADArocksmyworld Updated 2 years ago
Ann, a mind reader, and Drew, her genius twin brother, are living a normal life when everything begins to spiral out of control. After being accepted into a spy training Ann and Drew begin training to become Zorg Agents. When they overhear a mysterious visitor talking about their missing father they have to investigate. This leads them halfway across the country in an attempt to find their missing father. The only thing is that they weren't informed of just how many obstacles they'd need to overcome to rise above the odds.
@ZADArocksmyworld Thanks! If you tell me what you want on the cover ill make it for you. dont worry if you want a hard cover, i like challenges :) So i dont mind if it is kinda hard. But i am still kinda new t wattpad so i dont really know how to send pictures. I guess you know how?
hey i noticed you didnt have a cover, id be happy to make one for yu if youd like, Check out some stories by JunkMonkey i did all those covers, if you like them I could do a cover for you. :)
I know I said I would critique it today, but my computer has a virus so I can't keep on loading stuff. I promise I will critique sometime this week!!
this has great potential, i would just beef up the description a little, and also, i dont want to tell you how to write your story, but  when u are describing Ann, you should make someone else describe her and say her name, it makes it sound less awkward. Good job!
OOoooOOoo...I sense a great story coming up! I am really enjoying so far! I'll be sure to come back and read more!