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Aphmau Roleplay

Aphmau Roleplay

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Your Girl silence By __Silent_Silver__ Updated Apr 15

The cover is dah best.

Name: Renèe Saber
                              Appearance: Short dark pink hair, black dress with white ribbon in the middle, black to purple eyes, white tennis shoes, white bunny headband
                              Crush: Zane
                              Siblings: many dragons who hate her
                              Purrsonality: Enthusiastic, bubbly, loyal, kind
                              Extra: Can't control herself in toy stores
Name :Agatha Lumuete
                              Appearance :fair skin tone long curled blonde hair with pastel purple ends she wear crop top high waisted shorts
Ender Slayer. 
                              Long dirty blonde hair with navy tips, teal eyes, freckles. She wears: a gray sweater, jeans, knee high boots, and a navy scarf 
                              Hotheaded, kind, shy, and curious. 
                              She is a werewolf.
Dantesbae Dantesbae Mar 12
                              Appearance:peach skin Long hair light pink hoodie light blue skirt and white high tops
                              Personality:shy,kind,sweet,cute,and when mad bad
                              Extra:??????bad past???????
MokiDog14 MokiDog14 Apr 18
Full Name: Faith Marie (Aphmau's last name)
                              Appearance: Long brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin
                              Crushes: Garroth and Laurance
                              Siblings: Aphmau
                              Personality: friendly, nice, sweet, kind, smart, funny, loyal, and outgoing
                              Extra: She has a Siberian Husky puppy named Athena who is Celestia's sister.
Mystical_Fire85 Mystical_Fire85 Dec 27, 2016
Name: Shelby Valkrum
                              Looks: like a female Travis except she wears shorts and her shirt covers her butt and her hair is brown
                              Crush: Garroth
                              Sibling: Travis duh he's my twin
                              Personality: shy, cool, sweet, kind and happy unless you mess with her