《meant to be °gruvia》

《meant to be °gruvia》

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Juvia has been wandering around for five years without a home. When the police catch her, they force her to move in with her mother, since her father wasn't suited to be her parent. Jennifer, owning a martial arts class, tries to teach Juvia manners and respect, and break her from her ways. With a little help from Gray, both of them has  had some ups and downs in the past but will this help them fall in love with each other... {Gruvia} no lemons, just a lot of make out sessions

(Beware of errors, haven't had the time to edit the first few chapters..)

19.10.16 - 03.06.17

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SCLA2369 SCLA2369 Oct 15, 2017
I actually find it lucky for people who have their teacher as a mom. I tend to try be close to my teachers
evelynships evelynships Nov 20, 2017
Yay I love this! I wouldn't have a problem with having a savage mom working at the school but if they are really really plain old embarrassing then I would get it.
_missfitships_ _missfitships_ Jul 25, 2017
My mom is an English teacher at my school, and I'm honestly not to fond of the 3rd grade picture of me on her wall