Danganronpa: The Forgotten Branch [An Interactive DR fanfic]

Danganronpa: The Forgotten Branch [An Interactive DR fanfic]

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Kat By UnchainedHeart Updated Dec 10, 2017

Welcome one and all to the starting line of the newest killing game! 

Hope's Academy, the grounds on which the world's most hope-filled talents were cultivated. In order to cultivate more and more talents, a new branch was opened in one of Japan's largest cities-- Nagoya. The idea was to learn if encouraging friendship and partnership would help show even greater improvements in the talents of these amazing teenagers. What the world didn't know? 

There was despair among them. 

Only months after the survivors of the School Killing Game escape, another game is begun by one of Junko's despair driven fans. The students of Hope's Peak's new branch, who'd been locked away in hopes of keeping the despair from reaching them, awake to a new world in which their nightmares are brought to life.

After all, in order to escape they must kill their classmates. 

Let the games begin. 

**rated mature for death, gore, etc.**

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Clouddash145 Clouddash145 Dec 14, 2017
After the whole Kucy thing with the Old danganronpa Rp with Kyo and Lucy. 
                              I really would love to see Lucy Get involved with another ship,
MartinGyre MartinGyre Jun 01, 2017
I just stumbled across this story but the whole concept of it seems very interesting. It is really good so far!
UnchainedHeart UnchainedHeart Oct 15, 2016
                              Awesome! If you guys wanna wait, I'll get the second chapter up and then you can submit after seeing the already made characters!
UnchainedHeart UnchainedHeart Oct 15, 2016
                              When you submit characters, PM me the backstory. That way no one knows it. All backstories are subject to slight changes, as well, go make them fit the story.