Surviving Kontantine (Completed)✔

Surviving Kontantine (Completed)✔

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Stanlight By Stanlight Completed

#3 in the Undiscovered writers awards for chicklit genre
#107 in Chicklit 20 December 2016
#9 in Undiscovered 

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He was her first love and he promised her forever...

Vanity Rose fled her home town a week after she had caught her husband cheating on her. Abandoned, neglected and ripped to shreds, she was determined to leave the past ghosts behind where they belonged.

After two years of settling into her new life in a new city and molding herself into Glam Magazines most prestigious Editor, a promotion for Editor-in-chief is finally up for grabs. The only thing standing in her way is an exclusive with Limelights new head of directors and Glam's future owner.

The promotion was as good as her and everything was falling into place, until she is cornered in a room with him.

Five years of establishing a foundation, and building a wall around her heart, only to have it crack at the first sight of him. Her dear old cheating husband who makes it apparent he wants her back!

What happens when fate pulls one of it's cruel joke and forces two tormented souls to work  together?

Can she choose sanity over love and finally be free of him?

Or will she risk it all just to be that girl he betrayed back in Reagan Field?