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Warning: This book includes explicit language and content. Read at your own risk.

Candice Woods is not your normal freshman. She's an infrangible survivor of a dreadful past that she'll do everything in her power to conceal. Her earthshaking dreams are her motivator, and love is her absolute enemy. Until her life gets turned upside down the moment she meets The Folks- a group of related rich students - and she finds herself being sucked into their den, and to her horror, she starts falling for the worst of them, Dylan Evans.

Meet Dylan Evans, your ultimate bad boy. After his girlfriend's death, he becomes a walking corruption. Relationships are his least interest, much less love. The moment Candice forces herself into his life and starts breaking his rules, he's determined to diminish her walls, only to find himself pulling her inside his.

 ...And both of their worlds morph into BLUES.

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flying-patatos flying-patatos Dec 16, 2017
You don't like it when some is happy because of what you said? I mean I get if someone is being overly emotional but how does a sign of appreciation make you upset. How does that make sense. She wasn't throwing her emotions at you, she was just being appreciative of a compliment.
EuniceAdegoju EuniceAdegoju Dec 11, 2017
Bruh I don't wear make up at all and I don't give about ppls opinion about me. They all fake anyways
uniqueinthemind uniqueinthemind Oct 23, 2017
I couldn’t tell from your writing, you’re doing better than many English natives. What’s your first language?
cestoryteller cestoryteller Nov 27, 2017
Related how? These Twilight comments are off. The Cullen’s weren’t related. Why not call this person brother or sister or cousin?
SomeplaceElsewhere SomeplaceElsewhere Nov 17, 2017
Wow I loooove the word choices! I'm honestly a hoe for big words lol
talibigshaq talibigshaq Dec 17, 2017
i can’t handle other people’s emotions i’m like bihhhh leave wit yo annoying asss