Her Bodyguard

Her Bodyguard

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"Do you not understand? I am here to protect and care for you. I will not let anything happen to you, or let anyone take you away from me. NO ONE."

Welcome to the new America, year 2037. A group called The Nameless that resembles an international gang becomes a threat. Another group named Protection Over Victim's (P.O.V) is a large association that is trying to figure out the leader and reasoning of The Nameless to keep everyone safe. The victims who are targeted from the group get a bodyguard at the age of 18, where the real danger comes. 

At 18, Zoe Harper has a "protective" boyfriend named Jack who is abusive towards her. Due to living with him, she doesn't have anywhere to go though and is stuck. 

On the way to a dinner party to meet the victims and bodyguards, the night before the ceremony, a guy pulls her into a dark alley. She fears for what's to happen next until another man, named Laurance, comes to the rescue. She realizes he's not the same as Jack, and soon after realizes he's a bodyguard, but unfortunately wouldn't be her bodyguard due to being male.

The next day, she goes to the ceremony where hundreds of people wait to meet their bodyguards. Usually, a female is paired with a female and a male is paired with a male to avoid "relationship issues". All she hopes for is a bodyguard who will not only protect her from The Nameless, but Jack as well. Someone who would listen to what she has to say for once, and actually care and understand. 

But, Zoe gets paired up with..Laurance?

Throughout the book, Zoe will be in several situations of needing her bodyguard to protect her, falling in love, finding out the truth about The Nameless, breaking the rules of P.O.V, going through an abusive relationship, and becoming close to her bodyguard. 

WARNING: This book has sensitive topics

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