Fearless [Dan x Reader]

Fearless [Dan x Reader]

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Sequel to Homeless


Remember Y/N, the girl with the rough past? Well, her life is about to get a lot rougher. Her youtube success is growing and her relationship with Dan Howell is getting better with every kiss. The only problem is the fact that Y/N's past is coming back to haunt her. With all of the negative vibes surrounding her, will Y/N be able to stay alive? Can she prove to herself that she can be fearless?

Warning: Mild Danger/Violence

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pastelthot pastelthot Jul 21, 2017
ftw im thinking of sarah and brendon urie as these parents and im laughing my ass off
Ham dam Dan 🤣 just watched this video this morning once again
__Needles__ __Needles__ Mar 15, 2017
Unknown_Pinguin Unknown_Pinguin Dec 09, 2017
I guy murdered a woman and received 3-5 years in prison here where I live....
how is it funny? or perhaps you are a republican and trump supporter
PlegianDarkMage PlegianDarkMage Mar 07, 2017
Wait but with 20 years in jail we would also be way older or am I misunderstanding smth :o