Being Shot

Being Shot

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heather melody By melditty Updated Jun 05, 2017

The awkward, intelligent, and bespectacled Emma Leighs never expected to be shot on the very first day of her senior year in high school.

Shot by a camera, that is. 

Emma Leighs has steered clear of every and any type of attention out there for pretty much her entire high school life, taking a liking to the more subtler things such as photography and caffeine-induced night blogging in her grandmother's humble cottage, all while perfectly content with hiding her dark history and secrets from the world around her. 

But the disturbingly beloved tradition of four attractive teenage boys, a broken camera, a downpour of rain, and a single photograph seems to finally acquire her of some (reluctant) friends.

And maybe, just maybe, they'll teach her a thing or two about what she's been missing out on.

(WARNING: Psychological and mature subjects are present in this story that could be triggering and/or intense for some, though the bigger lot of it mainly focuses on self discovery, accepting your flaws/mental disorders, and creating new bonds with the people around you as well as allowing them to be your support on the long road of recovery, so this story may be a bit slow paced. Swearing and mild language are also present. Read at your own risk.)

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EllaGxox EllaGxox Mar 04
Maybe I’m just a total weeb but at first I was thinking OHSHC but now I’m thinking maid~sama. Idk I just find the characters similar. It’s probably a total coincidence. 😅
TheOfficialZamZam TheOfficialZamZam Jul 16, 2017
                              More like River Hale
                              She needs to update I'm sorry 😭
iconicallytiona iconicallytiona Aug 07, 2017
This is me. I smell everything probably 100x times stronger than other people. I can tell what type of shampoo someone uses from a foot away
chameleonsi83 chameleonsi83 Nov 18, 2017
Everyone here is like awww
                              But if that happened to me in real life that boi gonna get a face full of my fist
_PutYourHandsUp_ _PutYourHandsUp_ Aug 21, 2017
This is weird but I've been told that I smell like laundry detergent... am I supposed to take that as a compliment or be offended?
_PutYourHandsUp_ _PutYourHandsUp_ Aug 21, 2017
You know how when you're born they predict your height with genetics? Well, they said I'd be 6'0-6'2! Im only like 5'4-5.5... how do they do that?