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Ash Ketchum is the loveable trouble maker, making girls fall left and right. Well, being a saviour makes you popular, doesn't it?

Gary and Ash are the teenage heartthrobs of the school, making everyone feel something.

Serena Yvonne however, doesn't understand the concept of these 'pretty boys'. As Ash takes an interest in her, the whole school goes haywire. Will his popularity ruin their friendship?

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Eevee_Amour Eevee_Amour Jan 10
... stop right there ashy-boy! Sere and I plan on keeping our innocence! (I still don’t know what happens during you-know-what so I think I’ll keep it that way XD)
seul_amoureux seul_amoureux Nov 25, 2017
*starts chanting like the seagulls from finding nemo* ship ship ship ship ship ship ship 😂
seul_amoureux seul_amoureux Nov 25, 2017
It's the flow of electric charge by free moving electrons 
                              I'm genius, I know 😎
Eevee_Amour Eevee_Amour Jan 10
That rhymes! But I think Ash is right, you’re the trash here Misty (no offense, personally I think the anime Misty is nice but in a fanfiction it’s all about how the writer portrays his/her characters)