Amourshipping One-Shots

Amourshipping One-Shots

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*cover by randomnessblob*

Once Upon A Time...

A weirdo has decided to make a book.But,he had too much ideas and they wouldn't last long,so he decided to add all his ideas into one book,just for the sake of entertainment.So enjoy his horrible stories and vote,read,and do whatever a human does.
He was really lonely,he had no one to talk to in the summer.He was bored,so bored.This book came to life-ish!Although he didn't own the characters,he treated them like they still weren't he's.
Anyways...sit around the campfire and sing the campfire song and read the book of random stories that appeared in a brain of a weirdo,and you,my friends are also allowed to request a story idea!(Incase he looses ideas,which happens most of the time)

You Are BAEs

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Devil_in_Church Devil_in_Church Mar 10, 2017
Us! You're also going to Ash's family reunion! Wait a second,*teasing tone*You count yourself in his family already, huh😏