The Queen

The Queen

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It takes a lot of strength to hurt a witch. They are nature bound. Kind and loving.

Or they were supposed to be...

The Dark Kingdom is ruled by a cruel, powerful witch. Not only has she been known to be feared, but many learned to never defy her. However, like I said before, it takes a lot of strength to hurt a witch. 
And a lot of heart to heal one.


"Then you're telling me that you are willing to waste a small eternity to pay for a price of the past?"

He touches her cheek, his thumb caressing her skin. She has to pull away, if not then this won't end well. However, her eyes are locked with his and all her senses have become knotted. He leans in and her eyes start to flutter close. 
"Tell me that you will let me swim the ocean," he whispers, "for a small eternity." 
Their lips lock and her eyes close. His lips are soft and kind on hers. His hand cups her cheek while the other one goes around her waist to pull her closer. She can't help the shivers that go down her spine, the sweetness of his lips makes her forget the cruel world ever existed. And for a small eternity, it was like a fairytale.

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Rizumu6 Rizumu6 Apr 05, 2017
Wow..................this is an amazing start. I absolutely love it