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Robert Collins By RobertLCollins Completed

Here's my first published novel.

To get out of debt, spacer Jake Bonner takes on two odd jobs. The first, chauffeur pop star Evvie Martini on her tour; the second, helping Daniel and Clarissa Rosen overthrow their planet's tyrannical ruler. 

Unfortunately for Jake, Evvie finds out about his second assignment and, hoping to advance her career, invites herself to the revolution. From there the absurdity grows for Jake and his band of "freedom fighters."

I've written other works that feature Jake Bonner. Here's what's at Wattpad:
Jake and the Pirate Treasure (short story)
The Alien Machine (short story)
The War Scam (first 4 chapters)

Here's what's for sale elsewhere:
Heroes Eat Well (novella)
Above Average Jake (short story collection)
Haven (novella)
Janitorial Service (novella)
The War Scam (short novel)

At the end of the novel is information about how you can buy your own copy, for yourself or to give to others. If you enjoy this, please consider posting a review at your favorite book-sharing site. Thanks for reading!

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- - Dec 23, 2016
Enough money can change anyone's mind apparently, even in the future
jitterjoseph jitterjoseph Aug 20, 2016
Refreah Refreah Aug 02, 2016
She is like our modern day disney star.. lets see how much longer she can hold onto that "nice girl" personna
AnthonyTonyBorgia AnthonyTonyBorgia Aug 31, 2016
Contructorbots?I have a lot of people in my family who won't be happy about that,I love their work,lol
jitterjoseph jitterjoseph Aug 20, 2016
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee÷e÷eeeeeeeseeeeesesesr d dh j. y vucu c. y yl
AnthonyTonyBorgia AnthonyTonyBorgia Sep 02, 2016
Food replicates?did you get that idea from star trek?I love all the star trek series except for the original one.