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Grayson Dolan POV
I started my dance class with my twin brother, Ethan. When we walked in everyone stared blankly, but this one girl. This one girl smiled. She was hot. She had style. She was beautiful. I think I'm going to keep my eye on her.

Jenna Grace POV
Hi, I'm Jenna Grace and I'm a dancer. A hip-hop dancer. These girls in my dance class always bully me for my dancing but my teacher says I'm the best in the class. 
Two boys walk into the studio, twins, around the age I look. I smiled. I had my eye on one of them. He was smoking hot. He had style like his brother. He was gorgeous. But I can't get close with them. They don't know my secret.


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incoloree incoloree Feb 18
Omg I’m cringing already picturing them dancing but it would be so cute whAt-
chanteandsammywilk chanteandsammywilk Oct 08, 2017
Noice characters but imma pretend Claudia is the main bully n Sahar is Jenna bcuz Sahar n Kelsey are friends in reality
DolanGirl03 DolanGirl03 Dec 23, 2016
All the girls are gorgeous and then there are the Dolan twins that I'm dribbling over lmao xx
I've always wanted to learn how to dance, ya know like GOOD dancing.