Death of the Green Planet [Undergoing Editing]

Death of the Green Planet [Undergoing Editing]

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-"The earth is dying," the woman with the robotic smile tells Nassor. He doesn't blink - this isn't new information. Everyone knows the resources are being sucked up, devoured by those who can afford it while those who can't are left in squalor. What she says next, however, catches him truly off guard. "You, along with nine other highly qualified individuals, have been chosen for the Wormhole Mission. Together, you will pilot the WH001 shuttle and build our new world."-
Follow Nassor on his journey to the Red Planet as he and the crew of the WH001 must survive the imminent perils of the red planet, face harrowing interpersonal issues and brave an uncertain future while preparing a place for their great grandchildren's descendants to inhabit.

[I just want to say I am very grateful for the opportunity to write this. Storytelling has always been something I am passionate about, and I hope you all enjoy this prequel to my current WIP.]

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Editors note: breakthrough tech
                              Also, it should only be enough to build basic buildings, otherwise there is no need for the future plot
Editors note: 
                              She was, all those years ago before we left home
Editors note: add - Id never thought I’d miss real oatmeal, but here I sit
Editors notes:
                              1. I stumble a little
                              2. The treadmill would have been strapped to something - it’s a spaceship, after all
Editors note: 
                              1. Add sound here
                              2. Use? Mileage? Make that sentence better
Editors note: different paragraph here
                              Also, probably an obscene gesture, coming from Maxx
                              The crafts enormous size