[Akatsuki x Reader] Sweets Time [drabbles]

[Akatsuki x Reader] Sweets Time [drabbles]

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You slumped on your chair, weary from having to deal with a dozen ninjas from another border. Leader should really give you at least a 5 minute break to have a drink. And after a little persuading, you got him to agree. So you sat on the chair, feeling like you'll fall from your body slipping off the edge. Feeling your stomach growl and rumble, someone came in just in time with a small batch of snacks.

"[name]-chan! Are you on break? Tobi bought some donuts at this cute cafe!" Your friend came waltzing in, breaking a hole in the door, and you face-palmed, ready to grab a broom. Tobi held up a donut box, which looked cute, even for the box. The inside was even sweeter.
"Wow~ I can't believe you bought donuts, Tobi. You're a good boy." You praised, rubbing the boy on the head. Tobi snuggled to your hand and giggled.

You opened the donut box, and there were french cruller donuts. They had glazed skin and a curly shape. Reminding you of someone, you smiled.

"Ne, Tobi?"
"Hai, [name]-chan...

SisiLovesU SisiLovesU Apr 11, 2017
That's not true first is my red glanced donut with white sprinkles on top! And then is Tobi! <3 ❤❤
Wolfdog21 Wolfdog21 Sep 12, 2016
Soooo damn tru he's sweet like a donut and cute as a panda beeeaaarrr
HumanTrashsite HumanTrashsite Jan 14, 2017
That's so cheesy but they're donuts so I mean that's so creamy!!!!!!!!! (I'm so lame and corny, I'll go home now)
UnstoppableKiller UnstoppableKiller Jun 20, 2016
Me: Sorry Tobi.. *takes a bite* ..yum! You taste good *smiles and continues eating* 
                              Tobi: Nooooo! Ma babies!! You ate ma babies!! *lays on the floor dramatically and cries*
Turtle_Tarte Turtle_Tarte Apr 17, 2016
Me: Well i'm gonna eat your *eats the french cruller donut* 
                              Tobi: nooooooooooooo ma babies
wolfchild15 wolfchild15 Dec 22, 2015
*facepalms with a smile* oh Tobi-kun, somethings never change...