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Mya ✨ By urbantai Completed

Short Story

At 19 years old, Timiko Abeni has been through it all. 

After her father left for the army, her and her mother has been struggling to maintain their restaurant. 

After a robbery happens, they end up bankrupt and don't know what to do. 

Then she meets up with August Alsina, a stick up kid from New Orleans, they come up with the unthinkable to help save her family's restaurant.

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  • alsinanation
  • augustalsina
  • betrayal
  • love
  • violence
bro, childhood crush 💀 him & the whole mindless behavior group
Sis a whole shnack I guess you looked in the mirror when you called someone ugly
But she not ugly though 🙄 bitch me so insecure about themselves that they bash the next
You stupid afffff she obviously going to have the police there you come then your arrested you idiot
Brookhalo Brookhalo 3 days ago
its a shame because darkskins really feel ashamed of their skin because of other downing them on something they can NEVER change smh the world is disgusting
No I don’t my mom tells me you were born dark skin you can’t change that don’t ever want something you never can get