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X̯̰̬ͦ̋ͨ̆͋͂̊͗ By jaxthebookacorn Updated Oct 14, 2016

Okay, so I hear you people like roleplay. That's cool, except I like creating settings more than I do inhabiting them. So here is the solution...

Stmpnkthebookacorn Stmpnkthebookacorn Oct 19, 2016
Loves making improvised weapons, handsome in an outlandish way,  bronze skin.  Starts out in ripped (and patched) sludge green denim shorts and no shirt (sand-colored backpack).
Theothrbookacorn Theothrbookacorn Nov 16, 2016
William Abernathy
                              Silent, Caring, Thoughtful
                              Motive: survive.
                              6'4", short brown hair, small beard.
                              Flaws: Trusts Mikeal too much.
jaxthebookacorn jaxthebookacorn Oct 23, 2016
Sorry, roleplay is full right now. If you want me to message you when there is a spot for you to join in, I can.
nerdsarehot nerdsarehot Oct 16, 2016
Name: Cinder Ortfell
                              Personality: Quiet and Shy. That's what everyone thinks at least
                              Flaws: insecurity 
                              Motives: no one knows
                              Looks: Red hair, Shortish. Not fat, but busty.
HotFishJohnson HotFishJohnson Oct 16, 2016
Name: Dorian Havilliard
                              Personality: Cunning, Deceptive, Loyal to very few, but extremely loyal.
                              Flaws: Arrogant, Narcissistic
                               Motives: His own survival and the survival of those he is loyal to
                              Looks: Average height, Brown hair and green brown eyes. Extremely well muscled.