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Green Ridge College Rp

Green Ridge College Rp

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Devils Dark Secret By HeavensLittleSecret Updated Oct 18, 2016

You thought high school was hard, wait till you get here, one of the best colleges in the world. They will test your limits until you break. But this year isn't all about school and studying. Welcome to parties, Street dance, Bon fires, smoking, drinking, and so much more. 
Your journey awaits.

Keinshine Keinshine May 18
Raiyon Yoon
                              Weird, quiet, loner, shy
                              Can i tag
                              Rolls Royce
                              Likes: being alone, drawing
                              Dislikes: school, Bullies, 
                              Grades: A B C D
                              Major: sports (tryna get active)
EFaithWolf EFaithWolf Jun 02
Jake Gyllenhaal
                              Nice, Friendly, Fun, Sweet
                              Can I pm you a link?
                              Yellow Lamborghini
                              Making Video's, Friends, Footbal
                              Rude people
                              1st year (idk what it's called)
-Make_A_Wish- -Make_A_Wish- Oct 16, 2016
(Lol @NightMare1322 this can be used for one of your clowns XD)
                              name: Millie Star
                              Age: 19
                              Personality: Fighter,Brave,Aggressive, Funny,Teasing
                              Appearance: Tag
                              Car: Tag
                              Likes: Music,Drawing,Drama,Boys,Parties
                              Dislikes: Guns,Clowns,Spiders
                              Grade: Last year
                              Major: Photography
                              Crush: Open
                              Other: N/A
Saileen_Fernandez Saileen_Fernandez Nov 04, 2016
                              parry girl, smart, artistic, loyal,kind
                              a drink once in a while, playing violin, singing, designing
                              being compared to other people, smoking, jerks
                              all A's and one B in math
                              performing arts 
                              none yet
                              has a depressing childhood
floralfreckles floralfreckles Oct 17, 2016
Name- Summer Tate
                              Age- 17
                              Gender- Female
                              Personality- Flirty, part animal, kind, smart, and funny
                              Look- Bridget Satterlee
                              Car- Brand new black convertible 
                              Likes- Boys and partying
                              Dislikes- Being tickled
                              Grade- 1st college
                              Major- Acting
                              Crush- Clarke (@Street_Jesus)
                              Tag- @lizwhiz598
ibroughtlube ibroughtlube Oct 15, 2016
Celeste wolfsoul 
                              Has a good heart. Is very emotional and she loves animals 
                              Jet black camero 
                              Dislikes: stuck up girls 
                              Likes: boys and animals 
                              Gets As and Bs 
                              Major; music 
                              Crush:Clark @Street_Jesus
                              Other: has a horse. Plays the drums 
                              Tag: idk