Willow is an outcast. At school, she's kept at a distance by almost everyone and everything, including her very own guidance counselor, all for three extremely pathetic reasons.
	One: She has angel bites, the two twin piercings above your lip. Some people find these horrific.
	Two: She doesn't talk unless she has to. Not exactly mute, but when she does decide to speak every now and then, people get overwhelmed.
	Three: She always writes the word "ripe" on her wrist every day in Sharpie. It's considered strange.
	Willow doesn't mind being an introvert... too much. However, when Andrew, a guy that everyone also labels as an outcast, starts bickering with her, Willow can't help to respond to it.
	Who knows? Maybe Willow isn't ripe after all... and maybe Andrew isn't, either.

  • abandonment
  • angry
  • argument
  • chicklit
  • claim
  • concert
  • friendship
  • gifts
  • highschool
  • identity
  • loner
  • love
  • nyc
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  • ripe
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  • xmas
AyaJ989 AyaJ989 Jun 20
I don't even dress up for people I KNOW, let alone don't know😂
Mystical_Trash Mystical_Trash Nov 23, 2016
Da fuk . I read this three times and i still don't understand
WolfQueen777 WolfQueen777 Sep 26, 2016
That's a lot like my "cousin" Jordan, he lived w my aunt and her husband until he was about 14 and my other cousins still think he is their half brother.
Singer_of_Words Singer_of_Words Dec 12, 2016
That is an amazing album. She has good taste in music, or the author does, same difference.
So Erin's your step mom? Cool I got a step cousin are family is complicated
antisocial_as_flip_ antisocial_as_flip_ Aug 21, 2016
@L_bhatia77904 The memes are what have corrupted me. #freshmanclass2k15-16