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Dope Antics

Dope Antics

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Latiyaa By _Latiyaa Updated Feb 12

Everything The Glitters Isnt Gold. 

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craic_potato craic_potato 5 days ago
At least he smart, in all these other books they stay thinking they invincible
She could've huffed and puffed until she used all her breath and died. I still wasn't going.
Burpoholic Burpoholic Jan 31
So he doin all this for a chick he barely know. Unrealistic.
lissanono lissanono Jan 15
Omg yes when you a virgin,  you  be wanting to but know you ain't on that level
Willnide0357 Willnide0357 Oct 15, 2016
Kelis.... You WANT him and Sage.... She WANTS you. The end lol.
That's how ppl get caught up u ain't even fully talk to Kelis u don't know if she slimy or tryna set u up everything is not what it seems🙈😷😂😂🙄