Unwanted Desires

Unwanted Desires

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Belladonna By bumblebee0205 Completed

WARNING: This story contains multiple sexual content.  

Parveen Garcia is a beautiful, clumsy, and strong girl that works as an accountant at a huge company in Vancouver.

Asher Blackburne is the hot, sexy, and devilishly handsome multi-millionaire and the CEO of Blackburne Enterprises in Vancouver. 

She works in the company that he owns, yet none of them are aware of the existence of each other until one fine day. 

He pinned me up against the wall, took both my hands and held them above my head, tilted his head and asked "What would you do if I fuck you right now?" I was gobsmacked, to say the least. 

"Tell me Babygirl, do you want to be fucked against the wall, or should I take you on the bed and have my way with you there?" Words wouldn't come out from my mouth. I couldn't form a sentence at all. Did he actually asked me that?

Yes just like tht!?! Give it to her Rough and long😁all night long😍😍
Why can't the lord bless me someone like him... Damn!?! 
                              I've been good yk😏😄😋😂😍..
                              And its not like I'm asking for much👅💦
Boy...you didn't have to be blunt about it...u could beat around the bush like WTH
He be like :" I wanna make long HARDCORE love to you Mrs.Parveen" with a *smirk* afterwards😄💋👅💦
Those desires are clearly wanted if he got you practically soaking your panty from just his words😊😏.. 
                              Such a naughty chica👅💦😂😂
Damn!!? His words got me like😍👅💦
                              Wow!!! 5 as in FIVE times before he climax!!! Get me a him Plz!!!! 
                              She be getting it Rough😏... Am so looking forward to reading tht chapter😉