Heroes||Danny Phantom/Batman(Slow Updates)

Heroes||Danny Phantom/Batman(Slow Updates)

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advanced fangirl By Beatnix Updated 2 days ago

"Who cares what you were when you're young. It's who you grew into that makes you who you are." -Danny Fenton.
  He was a hero, he saved lives, he protected...but who is going to protect him, save his life. Be his hero?

Curiosity killed the bat.

[Slight AU on Danny's part. I don't own Danny Phantom or Batman.]
(P.S. It's been a while since I watched or read Batman so if I get anything wrong feel free to tell me.)

"Savior of almost all things innocent".
                              Well... I guess my idol will never save me. *falls off a cliff*
Joker always has the wisest words to say. If I ever meet him, I gotta say "thank you."
It's because my mom tried to make me eat broccoli today. I had to eat it...
That moment you feel exactly what your idol feels. My breath is shaky, and I feel scared. (Shaking for no reason.)
Midnight_4682 Midnight_4682 2 days ago
This sounds like something Sherlock would say. If someone finds clips of him saying these words and put it all together..I would do a dare *whispers* "probably not" to friend nearby