The New Girl

The New Girl

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Elizabeth Hernandez By ElixirElizabeth Completed

Meet Aviana Kinsley, your typical teenage girl. She is a cheerful and happy girl but sometimes a bad ass chick. her mom died when she was 10. She was a ball of Sunshine but if you mess with her she will literally kill you. She is also depressed over her mother's death and smoking helps her .So now her and her father are moving to Toronto from New York to start of new. 

Meet Cole Kingz your typical bad boy. He lost both his parents in a tragic car accident at age 16. He now lives alone. He will fight you if you cross paths with him. He didn't follow any rules never attended to some of his classes. He has a 'girlfriend' name Crystal Campbell the Queen Bee. 

 Everything turned upside down for the both of them when they cross paths.

Will he leave his 'girlfriend' of 2years for the new girl.

Or fall in love?

Will everything fall apart between Aviana and Cole?

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twinkietown twinkietown Mar 31
At first I thought it said u look like a tampon with all that makeup on 😂😂😂
why yell when that bitch is on her way to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going for a rebel or goth look. Personally I don’t wear much grey but black... Yes!
Soooo glad I listened partly in Spanish it comes in handy now
bxitcxh bxitcxh Mar 31
Why is it blocked out it’s not like we can get into it 😂
NiyaLD900 NiyaLD900 Apr 03
I never knew why I was popular...I just cracked jokes and told people off