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But I Love him..

But I Love him..

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Kera By kdashae Updated Feb 22, 2016

This is the story of a girl named Leigha and her Kingpin boyfriend X. Not your typical romance story, hell I don't even think you can call what the have a romance. More like a dangerous parasitic liaison, yea that's more like it. Leigha lives with X, her boyfriend of two years, and is treated more like a slave than his girlfriend. He makes sure that she knows she is not his equal, I mean he brings in all the money and supports them so why she be treated as an equal? He's the one out there in them streets hustlin' hard to keep a roof over their heads and provide them with the finer things life has to offer, his bitch should treat him like the king he is, right? That's just the way it should be, he really does love her despite the way he treats her, he would go crazy if he were ever to lose her, his love is enough,isn't it? Leigha is tired of being treated the way she is but she loves her man and she would hate to let the next bitch come in and take her spot. She deals with all the bullshit that comes along with being with him simply because she "loves him". Love don't always bring him home at night but that doesn't mean love doesn't exist, right? Maybe if she tried harder he won't leave her, and learn to respect her, just maybe things would get better if she didn't upset him so much. She loves him, and love is always enough, or is it not?  Will he change his ways? Will she leave him? Or will she continue to live life as his bitch? Only one way to find out!  WARNING THIS BOOK WILL BE VERY SEXUAL! MATURE READERS ONLY!

blxckdynxmite blxckdynxmite Dec 14, 2016
Whoa , just the beginning and so much truth already 🙌🏿🙌🏿
AbrianinParidise AbrianinParidise Apr 23, 2016
Right now this is a coincidence because I'm listening to love me like you do by Ellie Goulding
MakavelisQueen MakavelisQueen Nov 16, 2013
Yo I really wonder what this nigga did? He is hiding something I just know it. Great chapter as usual :)
Juiceytaughtme Juiceytaughtme Oct 11, 2013
X bipolar as hell. Leigha seems like she got her head on right, she cook, clean For the nigga & suck his dick faithfully. Gah knows she deserve better because that nigga buggin too damn hard
BeautiFully_Broken BeautiFully_Broken Oct 10, 2013
So ima need for X to get his bipolar ass up outta here! I feel bad for Leigha... Ain't that much love in the world.