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Unbreakable Bond (Kol Mikaelson Fan Fiction)

Unbreakable Bond (Kol Mikaelson Fan Fiction)

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VampiresAdoreMe By VampiresAdoreMe Completed

Kol Mikaelson, an original vampire, has been daggered, and has remained that way for centuries. His brother Klaus Mikaelson, is an original vampire-hybrid. After his release, along with his family, from the coffins, Kol's plan on revenge fails, and instead teams up with his brother to make the Salvatore's pay for everything they've done. What he doesn't realize, is that he will find his soul mate along the way. But will it be impossible, deadly or impressive. Remember, it's Mystic Falls, not everyone stays happy for ever.  Verena Salvatore, a 163 year old vampire, who is destined to find her soul mate. Her brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore are destined to protect her. Stefan is her twin brother, and Damon is her oldest brother. She's very close to both, but when it comes to choosing on who to follow, her twin telepathy never fails. Kol is a stranger, but not for long. Soul mates.

Ok so you ask him To watch her but then you say stay away from her wtf Stefan
mattiemalec mattiemalec Feb 08
Do you then get your finger cut off if you don't keep the promise
LilSolarHalo LilSolarHalo May 09, 2016
Elena , in my opinion, bitchy, self absorbed, attention seeker, and she thinks she is cool because she is the doppelgänger
gaaraxlync46 gaaraxlync46 Apr 17, 2016
There is another story out there that has basically the exact same storyline, except Klaus is her best friend and she is between Damon and and Stefan in age. I don't know if you copy the person or the other person copied you comma but I'd keep an eye out.
gaaraxlync46 gaaraxlync46 Apr 29, 2016
This is the third story I've read with a storyline like this.
kiminseok- kiminseok- Jul 15, 2016
Katherine is wayyyy better she's a badass, and Elena is weak af