Enslaved Fox

Enslaved Fox

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Have you ever watched one of those movies about slaves? Where innocent people are treated like property like the segregation times? Well that is the exact life of poor little Susanoo. Her life was hard enough since her dad never wanted a child and her mom was poor. Her mother owed a debt to a man. One day that man had enough and came to the woman. He decided to take her child until she paid the whole thing back. 

She was taken away and forced to work. She slept in the basement and barley had any clothes. Chains could always be found around her ankles and there is one more thing. She is a half fox demon.

WARNING: All pics are from google unless stated otherwise

suebee6 suebee6 Oct 31, 2016
"His hand connected with her face a her hand went to it" Fix the a and put the word and.
- - Nov 03, 2016
The conflict in this is superb! I would love to see a bit more world building and description. Keep going!
suebee6 suebee6 Oct 31, 2016
"I need you to be strong ok." I think it should be a question mark instead of a period.
NinaAndale NinaAndale Oct 22, 2016
"He whispered into my ear, and he licked up my neck causing me to shudder. " That escalated quickly it's ridiculous
suebee6 suebee6 Oct 31, 2016
"She unhooked her locket from her neck. She hooked it around mine." You could put a conjunction there.
spark32 spark32 Dec 15, 2016
Ohmygosh! I am so sorry! I didn't even realize you made a new book this one is really good and your writing has improved! 😄😄 (mini apology/rant over)