The Monster in Us

The Monster in Us

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My secret <3 By writerbug44 Updated Nov 24

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Vera Markov was born into this life. She did not choose it. Had she been given the choice, she never would have even considered this life to be an option. She was born a human but she was raised to be a monster. A killer, a fighter, a warrior. She was trained until there was no more humanity left inside of her, there was only cruelty, hatred, and apathy. She lived under her father's rule, executing his demands to the syllable.

Dante Berardi knew her pain. He too was born a human, raised to be a monster. A killer, fighter, and a warrior too. They are practically the same person, except for the fact that they were also raised to hate each other. They were both born to rival crime families in the same city, fighting over money, territory, and just about anything else that they could fight over. 

Vera and Dante have never met until Vera is sent undercover to get answers from Dante's side of the city. She gets much more than she bargained for, finding answers to questions that she's never asked and feeling human emotions that she's never felt before. As she discovers more about herself and her past, Vera starts to wonder if the monster inside of her can ever be conquered or if she's doomed to this life forever.

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Okay I haven't read anything but like that teaser part in the title means your not gonna put the whole book up here right?
Exciting!! I'm deffo going to read this on Radish as I'm already hooked
Bt u will post the whole stry here.., no..we cn wait bt plz post the whole stry..think abt us poor wattpaders.. ^^
Nice obsessed with mafia stories..With Italian nd Russian mix :D ♥