Dry Bones

Dry Bones

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{BOOK TWO OF THE PARANORMAL DETECTIVE SERIES} It isn't long after Ashley Thorn wakes up from a demon-induced nightmare that a young man is found dead in his living room. The scene is like nothing any of the detectives have ever seen before. 

The man's body is crumpled on the floor, his mouth open in pain or fear. His skin is wrinkled and free from all moisture, clinging to his bones with such intensity that he looks like a mummy. 

But he's only been dead for an hour.

How do you kill a demon that's been released into the world of the living before it kills you, too?

Highest Rank: #85 in Paranormal on 10/29/2016

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Rosie493 Rosie493 Oct 27
Hey, Courtney? When will you update this? I know your schedule is pretty busy, with CampNano and all, so I guess it won't be till after November, right?
TakaraAnwer TakaraAnwer Jun 27
Bo adopts Haiti and now this? I'm beginnibg to see a pattern here, you animal lover.
appz74 appz74 Oct 13
So this is another demon apart from those three locked in a jar.. But she can see that ashley can see her... Wow... Nd poor fellow he invited hez own death..
So because i always have my kids in my apartment he can't come? Fantastic. I can read this without worrying. Helps i jave a dog too
benaddict31 benaddict31 May 13
Whoa! What a fantastic start. I felt a little bad for the guy, but he was the one who invited his own death. Can't wait to read more.
I'd cry if this were a cat...but dogs, man. 😂😂😂 I just dislike them 😐