Roam the Night

Roam the Night

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Jo By bazookajo94 Updated Jan 15, 2014

Lander Shaw never put much thought into how he would meet his mate. Just as long as she wasn't human, he didn't care. Human mates caused more trouble than they were worth, and Lander knew all too well the consequences that would come if his mate turned out to be human. Abandonment. Ostracization. Death.

Lander's alpha--and uncle--Ryan would not allow for humans to hold his pack back, and since Lander was next in line for pack leader, he couldn't, either.

Enter Lilith Mackintosh. She was quiet (cripplingly so). She was smart (concurrent-enrollment smart). She had one friend (literally—one). 

Lilith Mackintosh was human. She was also Lander Shaw's mate.

Lander tries to distance himself from her at school (which she has no problem allowing because something was seriously wrong with her social skills). Lander tries to fight the laws of nature, but sometimes laws of nature do what they want. 

Wolves mate for life. 

Lander is mated to Lilith. 

And he is so screwed.