Abused on both sides

Abused on both sides

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Anastasia By AnaQueenOfWriting200 Updated 4 days ago

Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng and are both secretly superheroes of Paris. Adrien is a model for the Gabriel Brand for Gabriel Agreste but was caught abusing his son at the age of 11 and was arrested, but now has changed for the better of his son and proved it and quit fashion designing, but that doesn't make it better for his soulmate. 

Marinette's father has abused by her father after her mother died at the age of 8. Her father owns the Tom and Sabine bakery and she waitresses there. Who will save her from her life being twice as difficult for also being Ladybug? 

Warning contains child abuse, depression, bullying and maybe suicide.

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