The Force Awakens (An Amourshipping tale)

The Force Awakens (An Amourshipping tale)

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Hunter By amourshipper24 Updated Feb 22

What if I told you Ash had something hidden in him?  What if this power can save the world?

We all know our beloved hero, Ash Ketchum. Well, recently he just lost the Kalos league. Immediately after, Ash goes into depression. Ash continued to be depressed until a familiar face comes and tells him he has more to him than meets the eye. Ash takes this opportunity and goes to training. Something happened while training and he wasn't seen for years. 

Disaster strikes the world many years later, and Ash is the only one who can save it. Where is he? What happened to him? Read to find out!

Disclaimer, I do not own pokemon. Also, the title goes for star wars. I used it because I thought it fit in the story line great. 

Hope you enjoy my second book!

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This book is so interesting and so good! Yessssss l love reading these types of stories where Ash has the power of aura.
- - Jul 25
Guys it really is dumb. There was this youtuber that did competitive battling against another youtuber and they both had the same exact pokemon with the exact moveset with the same levels. And ash won. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN THE LEAGUE WTH!
Originally ash was going to win. says the anime workers.
                              It's their boss' fault that they had to do it over again. says the workers
                              Charizard X had minus 44 health, they say
I'm pissed as hell at this... And I know their gonna do it again on sun and moon! Ash loses! Again and again!
Nixon_Gamez Nixon_Gamez Jul 22
Oh god I hate those dreams, especially when it is black instead of white
Zaedin0001 Zaedin0001 Jan 31
Hello. This is Lucasfilm. You have been sued for the copyright of the name The Force Awakens.You have also been sued for cliches