The Girl At The Shoe Store

The Girl At The Shoe Store

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Vassiah Pov

Sup,my name Vassiah Williams.Im 17 years old and I live in Ypsilanti Michigan.On the weekends I work at Kicks USA but on week days it's all about school.

Anyway it's Saturday so of course I'm working.My co-worker Larry kept talking to his girlfriend on the phone so I had to help this lady find the shoe size for her son.

After they paid they left and I went to sit down.Like 5 minutes later I heard somebody callin my name



Keisha:Larry still on the phone so can you take these costumes in the back while I go get him

I nodded yes and shook my head.Its Saturday so only me,Keisha and Larry work the afternoon shift.

I seen a group of people that she had pointed to and I sighed.Oh shoot that's Ayo,Teo,Rich Homie Key and King Imprint.

The rest I ain't know but it was mad of them.

Vassiah:welcome to Kicks USA how may I help you

Mateo:do you have these in a size 8 1/2

Vassiah:I'll check how bout you

Ayo:you gonna do all of us at once or one by on...

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