Trap Queen.

Trap Queen.

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Compton changed everything.
      In Riverdale, I used to be able to walk outside at night without having to worry about anything happening to me. I could walk outside in broad daylight and wouldn't have to worry about drive-by's. I used to be able to come home and be able to rely on a homemade meal made by mother-and my father sitting on the couch with her.

      But now, everything's changed. My dad dipped out on me and my mom, my mom and I are struggling to make ends meet, and I'm in these streets. Never would I imagined that myself, Egypt, would be out on the streets selling drugs to support myself. But if it helps me support me and my mother, I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

     Now I have responsibilities that I would've never expected, and people depend on me more than ever before.

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pinkstar19 pinkstar19 Feb 05, 2018
Why would you move to Cali if you're poor? You would do better moving to the south, especially Texas.
TashaFewell TashaFewell Aug 14, 2017
Okay i kept reading the same thing a few times but the book is good
NeonyWolf NeonyWolf May 06, 2018
yasss my dad is from west Compton and was born there too I miss it there ❤ 😢
4hunnaloww 4hunnaloww Aug 22, 2017
the worst nightmare for a girl to be walking and see a group of them 😭😭😭
Hey love, when you get a chance can you read my book "My Dark Addiction" ? Thanks in advance ♥
pandathot pandathot Dec 20, 2018
Get chased by a dog inna hood be the worst 😂😂😂 I’m never going outside by myself again