Individual Roleplays [With Anon! :D]

Individual Roleplays [With Anon! :D]

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The Anonymous case you didn't get it from my profile's name. How long can this go? Wow, really long, apparently. Any longer? Yep. Let's see how long this goes. So dang long. Woah. Really? Yes, apparentl By LeAnonymousOne Updated Mar 19

In which many weird and varied storylines are presented. Weirdly.

Update: this used to have a few small group rps, but will only have individual rp ideas from now on! :D
     [Don't steal any of these ideas. Duh.]

[Also, for people who like to write long replies.]

Thanks for checking this out! :)

Note: contains mature and dark themes. 14+

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How do i get u to make something for me and u....i wanna rp one on one with the living god Gina
thelovelandfrog thelovelandfrog Oct 18, 2016
@Some_Random_Person98 @Stealth_Rock @Flares-and-Ignitions @Songbook22
                              Anyone down for some past drama/friendship stuff with Steven??? 
                              I'm super into that childhood friend stuff or like....idk man haha
Hey man if you create a new page, mind updating me? I've wanted to join but I'm always late lmao
LeAnonymousOne LeAnonymousOne Oct 18, 2016
@thelovelandfrog @Some_Random_Person98 @Stealth_Rock @Flares-and-Ignitions @Songbook22 
                              THE BEGINNING: 
                              Part 1 // Chapter 1
                              [In which all the characters besides Reeve enter Novotech by accident and all because of a dare…and in which a lot of questions are asked and hopefully answered.]
WarriorWriter56 WarriorWriter56 Oct 15, 2016
I couldn't possibly pick but if you have any in mind you really want me to join, just let me know.