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What is Love? I+C (GirlXGirl) (Editing)

What is Love? I+C (GirlXGirl) (Editing)

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stranger By LovelySacrifice Completed

Isabelle has always had a problem with her feelings, and the problem was that she didnt feel anything for anyone.  She was friends with almost most guys at school, and she tended to avoid the female population. but that all changed when she met Chloe.
now isabelle is confused as hell, and even after she starts to acknowledge her feeling towards chloe, isabelle isnt sure she should act on her feelings.
the stolen kisses, the erotic moments together, and the powerful mutual feelings. is all that worth the ridicule isabelle will go through once she is 'out of the closet' 
read to find out.

(haha i suck at these things. O.O anyways just read it. )

killdeerkerfuffle killdeerkerfuffle Jun 01, 2016
Well I mean I can use my gaydar, but it's not as strong as it used to be
Marshy-kittens Marshy-kittens Sep 30, 2016
I'm bisexual :3 I'm 15 btw XD It's NOT a choice. I wish I wasn't this way because I like a girl and they end up being straight or finding out that I like them and acting weird around me.
elisssa231 elisssa231 Dec 21, 2016
They are not reasons they are pathetic excuses to try and hide your low self-esteem
nomzyndabene nomzyndabene Jul 28, 2016
U really want to read this story coz introduction its amazing
GracieTb GracieTb Jan 21, 2016
It's NOT a choice you don't Choose who your attracted to but this is a good beginning to a story
MariahRJ MariahRJ Nov 24, 2015
It's not a choice and I hate when some girls make it seem like it is when there like I'm tired of boys now, there childish af Ima try dating girls or being with one, like's either u like them or u don't -_-