Xandor Wixham's Academy: School For The Gifted(NOW OPEN FOR RECRUITS & HOUSING)

Xandor Wixham's Academy: School For The Gifted(NOW OPEN FOR RECRUITS & HOUSING)

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Xandor Wixham By XandorWixham Updated Oct 13, 2016

Hello and my name is Professor Wixham, I own and run this place and would love to help you find your true calling, as well as help you control your powers.
if you would like to join just pm and its done.

Education: Science, Mutation, Engineering, Combat Tactics

 Rooms: 300

Crew: The X-Wixmen

City: New York

Rules: Be kind, no bullying, no hate speeches, no cursing, no fighting and no pornographic material.

 Warning: This Academy is strict in enforcing rules, please do not break any.

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XandorWixham XandorWixham Oct 15, 2016
Hello girls!
                              *Walks into bedroom*
                              Sorry I have been so busy with work and everything. But I am here now.
Mm27Mpr27 Mm27Mpr27 Oct 21, 2016
Maria walked inside the living room of this new school, she had just graduated high school but she would like to learn how to control her mutation
XandorWixham XandorWixham Oct 16, 2016
*Read note and goes after you in his car*
                              You can run Naomi but you can never hide, because i can read your mind.
                              *channels through to your mind and instantly finds your location before coming to you speeding in his car*
                               *shouts at you as he pulls in front of you to stop you*
Naomi_Kingsman Naomi_Kingsman Oct 20, 2016
*i walk out as the cab driver takes my suitcases and bags while I walk to the cab*
Naomi_Kingsman Naomi_Kingsman Oct 16, 2016
*i drive in as I Pack my bags and suitcases. before I take a last look around and aparate away from the Academy. leaving a note behind: mom dad, I now understand that I'm useless to the both of you.... I even failed you disobeyed you......and i understand if you disown me.
                              with love: Naomi. *
XandorWixham XandorWixham Oct 15, 2016
Sleep tight.
                              *Tucks you in safe and sound before planting a kiss on your forehead*